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Streamline Co. has a deep understanding of what goes into software selection and implementation. We bring our expertise to bear on every project we start, handling even the most complex software selection/implementation challenges. Software project management you can trust.

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Why Use A Software Services Consultant?

Implementing the right software services and solution isn’t always as straightforward as it might sound. Large organisations may utilise both internal or external resources such as IT experts, Change Managers, Analysts, Procurement Officers and Project Managers to support the process of sourcing, selecting, procuring and then implementing the right software solution for the business. Smaller organisations may not have the internal resources with sufficient expertise to draw on or capacity to work on such a project. This is when the use of an external consultant like Streamline Co. may be useful.

software project management

Software ServicesImplementation Phases

Some of the phases of the project and points to consider when implementing a software services solution are detailed below;


Feasability Analysis

What are the reasons for moving to a software solution? What budget has been allowed for the ongoing cost of the software? How much will the implementation and training project cost be?. What are the hardware requirements to support the project? Are your existing IT resources sufficient to manage this project?

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Change Management

The way that your resources work with a new solution can be influenced even before the project kicks off. Bringing your staff on-board by engaging them in the process is so important for getting buy-in on the new solution and process. Ensure they understand the reasons for moving away from the existing process. Seek their input as to what will be important for them and their role moving forward.


Preselection Process

Ideally would one single solution or multi vendor solution be ideal for the organisation’s requirements. Considering all stakeholders and customer perspectives.

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Requirements Gathering

using workplace observation, focus groups or conducting stakeholder interviews. All of this information is gathered and analysed before being documented. If a comprehensive requirements gathering exercise is not possible. Then consideration should be given for at least engaging with stakeholders and completing a high level ‘shopping list’ for stakeholders. Inclusive of not only users but IT Department resources.

Requirements Analysis

Analysing user requirements is critical to a successful implementation. When a new system is implemented the client needs to understand what functions are critical to the business. As a result, whether those functions are catered for with the solution. Often clients spend too little time discussing and analysing key requirements with staff and stakeholders. They are surprised at implementation and training phases that the installed solution doesn’t meet basic needs when it comes to certain critical functions. Requirements can be detailed with importance level identified.


Project Planning

will set the foundation for a successful implementation and ensures everyone has transparency over the key aspects of the project. Important considerations are understanding timings, resource availability, risks, measures of project success and project budget.

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Data Migration

How much historical data would you ideally like to import into the new solution? What benefit might it bring you to look back on this data.


System Setup

Almost all software solutions need to be setup to cater for the specific requirements of the organisation.

Software project management

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